Your Pets Will Love CuddleMuff®! and when you BUY one, you GET one and we DONATE TWO OR MORE to our local pet shelters

Retails For $49.99 - ON SALE $29.99

  Plus  Shipping/Handling


Ships to U.S. & Canada

And so will you!

Earlier CuddleMuff Versions featured in video.

Enjoy your CuddleMuff®! Made specifically for furniture use, the CuddleMuff® allows your furry family member to enjoy their own safe, cozy hideaway while joining the rest of the family for family time.
Your pets want to be near you as they’re part of your family, and you want to protect and safeguard your furniture from unwanted hair shed, wear and tear and other soiling.  Now you can have both – with the CuddleMuff®.
And when the CuddleMuff® is in its intended muff-like shape, it swaddles your pet and allows them to feel safe and secure which helps in alleviating pet anxiety. Yet another benefit for your pet and an investment worth more than just protecting your furniture. CuddleMuff® is also portable, so your pet can enjoy their home away from home, on vacation or just going to the vet. CuddleMuff® is also great for dogs at home or for car rides.
CuddleMuff®is adjustable for big cats, just Velcro one end instead of all three. Why wait to make your pet feel safe and happy? Why wait to save your furniture? Order your CuddleMuff® today!
How To Introduce Your Family Pet To Their CuddleMuff®
Introducing CuddleMuff® Video
CuddleMuff® in the news.


Earlier CuddleMuff® mockup version.
CuddleMuff® in open form. Introduce your pet to their CuddleMuff® in open form first and let them tell you how they want to be cuddled.
CuddleMuff® in muff form. Fasten ends to create muff-like shape. Front and back remain open for easy access or quick escape for your pet.
For big cats or different options, just Velcro your CuddleMuff® at one end instead of all three.
100% Polyester | Recommend Dry Clean
or Dry Cleaner Can Launder
More colors and fabric selections to come.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
See warranty page and care instructions for details.
If you gentle wash, see video here
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