CuddleMuff® Alleviates Pet Anxiety

Alleviating and reducing cat anxiety was another focus when the CuddleMuff® was created.  When cats (and small dogs and other small pets) enter their soft, cozy, muff-like environment that swaddles and surrounds them, they find instant security and privacy.  The CuddleMuff® also contains their scent, offering familiarity.


It’s a safe, semi-enclosed dwelling that’s tunnel-like with both ends, front and back, remaining open for easy access or a quick escape at either end so a pet, specifically a cat, doesn’t feel trapped, just secure.  It doesn’t have just a one-way entrance that tent-like beddings or sleeping bags have without offering a pet a quick escape from both ends.


When your furry family member has their own private safe haven and dwelling, it offers them great comfort and peace of mind. Even when your cat lays on the CuddleMuff® in it's open form or partially closed at one end, cats can relax in their own space and safe haven. In addition, the ability to lay near you, as they’re part of the family, and join in on family time also helps them relax and alleviates any pet anxiety.  


Knowing that your furniture is being protected puts you at ease too – a vibe your pet is sure to sense and appreciate.  Just a small investment that offers you so much more than just protecting your furniture.  So many benefits, for so little stress. 

See Video - Alleviating Anxiety


Previous CuddleMuff® versions shown in pictures below.

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Ships to U.S. & Canada

Did you know…

Anytime a cat feels secure, their anxiety subsides and tension decreases.  Just one of the many benefits the CuddleMuff® offers.

Did you know…

Happy Family, Happy Feline.

100% Polyester | Recommend Dry Clean
or Dry Cleaner Can Launder
More colors and fabric selections to come.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
See warranty page and care instructions for details.
If you gentle wash, see video here
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