CuddleMuff® is both light-weight and portable enough to fit in a pet carrier for travel or going to the veterinarian, allowing the pet to have the comfort of their own home and alleviating any away-from-home anxiety.  It’s a pet’s own security blanket, with their own scent and familiarity your pet needs when away from home or going to the veterinarian. Another factor that helps to alleviate pet anxiety – familiarity and coziness.


It's also adjustable. For bigger cats, small dogs or just different options, Velcro only one end instead of all three to allow for adjustability and flexibility. It's important to introduce your pet to their CuddleMuff® in open form first and let them tell you how they want to be cuddled. Felines can be fussy, they tell us what they want.


We also know dog owners who take their CuddleMuff® in the car for doggie rides.

 CuddleMuff® is Portable and Adjustable

Retails For $49.99 -

on Sale $29.99 

Plus S  & H

Ships to U.S. & Canada

Did you know…

Cats and dogs share similar emotions to humans. 


Lilly loves her CuddleMuff® for doggy rides!

100% Polyester | Recommend Dry Clean
or Dry Cleaner Can Launder
More colors and fabric selections to come.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
See warranty page and care instructions for details.
If you gentle wash, see video here
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