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CuddleMuff® Helps Protect Furniture

CuddleMuff® was specifically designed for furniture use, protecting and safe guarding your furniture.  Not only does the muff-like design contain unwanted pet hair shed, wear and tear and other soiling pets may leave behind, but it allows your furry family member to join in on family time and lay near you.  The comfort of their own private dwelling and the ability to lay near you, helps them relax and alleviate pet anxiety.  And knowing that your furniture is being protected puts you at ease too – a vibe your pet will feel and appreciate. CuddleMuff® is aesthetically pleasing to both pets and owners as it blends in nicely with the room décor and couch, unlike the typical bulky pet bed that stands out, which is also not made for furniture use.


Dog owners also love the CuddleMuff® and use them both for furniture use and in the car for doggie rides.


Previous CuddleMuff® versions shown in pictures below.

Did you know…

Cats and dogs can sense your energy and mood and play off of it….for better or for worse.

Did you know…

Like humans, pets can feel heat and cold as well as pain, and other physical sensations.

Did you know…

Cats, and dogs, are social beings.  They enjoy being around their family and also sleeping or resting by their owners.  

Did you know…

Cats spend approximately 62% of their time sleeping or resting.

100% Polyester | Recommend Dry Clean
or Dry Cleaner Can Launder
More colors and fabric selections to come.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
See warranty page and care instructions for details.
If you gentle wash, see video here
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